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This year, I was conference chair of the SEMANTiCS conference, which was held 11-14 Sept in Amsterdam. The conference was in my view a great success, with over 310 visitors across the four days, 24 [Read More...]
Event Extraction From Radio News Bulletins For Linked Data
[This post is based on the BSc. Thesis of Kim van Putten (Computer Science, VU Amsterdam)] As part of the Bachelor’s degree Computer Science at the VU Amsterdam, Kim van Putten conducted her bachelor thesis in [Read More...]
Discovering the underlying structure of controversial issues with topic modeling
[This post is by Tibor Vermeij about his Master project] For the Master project of the Information Sciences programme at the Vrije Universiteit, Tibor Vermeij investigated a solution to discover the structure of controversial issues on [Read More...]
Share, repeat and verify Scientific Experiments with Software Containers
[This post is by Rogier Mars about his Master project] During my years at the VU as a student Information Sciences, I was often requested to form a project group and work on some kind of [Read More...]
“New life for old media” to be presented at NEM Summit 2017
The extended abstract “Investigations into Speech Synthesis and Deep Learning-based colorization for audiovisual archives” has been accepted for publication at the NEM (New Eureopean Media) Summit 2017 to be held in Madrid end-of-November. This paper [Read More...]
Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School 2017 – Trip Report
In the second half of July (20th of July – 27th of July) I attended the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School (LxMLS2017). As every year, the summer school is held in Lisbon, Portugal, at Instituto [Read More...]
Trip Report: Dagstuhl Seminar on Citizen Science
A month ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Dagstuhl Seminar  Citizen Science: Design and Engagement. Dagstuhl is really a wonderful place. This was my fifth time there. You can get an impression of [Read More...]
Identifying emotions in email with human-level accuracy
As part of the Master’s degree Business Analytics at the VU Amsterdam, Erwin Huijzer completed his master thesis at Anchormen: “Identifying effective affective email responses; Predicting customer affect after email conversation” When customers contact a company with [Read More...]
A Concentric-based Approach to Represent Topics in Tweets and News
[This post is based on the BSc. Thesis of Enya Nieland and the BSc. Thesis of Quinten van Langen (Information Science Track)] The Web is a rich source of information that presents events, facts and their [Read More...]
Elevator Annotator: Local Crowdsourcing on Audio Annotation
[This post is based on Anggarda Prameswari’s Information Sciences MSc. Thesis] For her M.Sc. Project, conducted at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV), Information Sciences student Anggarda Prameswari (pictured right) investigated a local crowdsourcing application [Read More...]