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On Monday the 2nd of December, Laura Hollink presented Talk of Europe at the Connected Data event of CLINKNL hosted by Lab111 in Amsterdam. The same event featured a presentation by two participants of our recent creative camp: Pim van Bree & Geert Kessels, who build the NodeGoat tool for analysis and visualization of data.

Ruben Verborgh (Ghent University) gave a talk about new ways of publishing and hosting data on the Web. He raised some questions that are very relevant for Talk of Europe at this point in time: how sustainable is it to host data for a university? Can we afford to give everyone access to our servers, and allow people to use our computing power to run any query that they are interested in? Wouter Alink present the work of the CWI-spinoff Spinque on thesaurus alignment.

Finally, a presentation about the search engine Tolx received a lot of praise from the audience (including from people virtually present on Twitter). Tolx searches through 10’s of thousands of TV programs of the Dutch Public broadcasters, based on their subtitles. A very nice feature is that a query returns not only a list of TV programs in which the query was heard, but also statistics of the programs, broadcasters and genres in which the query is heard most often. The availability of subtitles of so many tv show opens up new possibilities to link the Talk of Europe data to media archives. As a start, see this query on for programs mentioning ‘Europees Parlement’: (thanks to Martijn Kleppe).

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