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The Talk of Europe project has now ended. With three great Creative Camps (1, 2 and 3), a fantastic dataset and several publications we are happy with the project results. Please find an overview of the most important outcomes below. If you have any questions concerning the project please feel free to contact Martijn Kleppe ( & Laura Hollink ( We like to thank all participants in our creative camps and funding body NWO. Please note this website will no longer be actively updated.

Main publication on Talk of Europe:

Van Aggelen, Astrid; Hollink, Laura; Kemman, Max; Kleppe, Martijn; Beunders, Henri, The debates of the European Parliament as Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, vol. Preprint, no. Preprint, pp. 1-10, 2016. DOI: 10.3233/SW-160227. Link.

Main Dataset on Talk of Europe:

Hollink, Dr L.H. (CWI); Aggelen, MSc A.V.A. van (VU University Amsterdam); Beunders, Prof H.B. (Erasmus University Rotterdam); Kleppe, Dr M.K. (VU University Amsterdam); Kemman, MSc M.K. (University of Luxembourg) (2015): Talk of Europe – The debates of the European Parliament as Linked Open Data. DANS. Link

Main access points to the Talk of Europe dataset:

Outcomes Creative Camps:

Video of the Talk of Europe project:

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