Talk of Europe at DHBenelux2015

During the DHBenelux 2015 Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, Laura Hollink presented the Talk of Europe project during a session on Linked Open Data. Willem Robbert van Hage presented the Synerscope demo built on the Talk of Europe data during the demo session. All slides are available on Slideshare and below. A short version of the abstract is below.The full abstract can be found here. Pictures with of the demo session with WIllem Robbert van Hage and Laura Hollink can be seen here, here, here and here.

The possibilities and challenges of using linked data for academic research: the case of the Talk of Europe project

The Talk of Europe project has made the proceedings of the plenary meetings of the European Parliament available as Linked Open Data, a way of publishing and connecting data on the Web. Access to the records of what happens during the meetings of the European Parliament (EP) is a crucial part of democracy. In addition, the proceedings are valuable source material for scholars in history, politicology (Proksch, 2010), natural language processing (Nusselder, 2009) and machine translation (Koehn, 2005).
However, the EP web portal only offers limited search functionality. By publishing this data as Linked Open Data, we aim to improve access for scholars. In this presentation we will reflect on the benefits and implications of linking the proceedings of the EP to a number of other datasets. Additionally, during the demonstration session, we will show how the SynerScope visualization tool enables an exploration of the links within and across datasets.


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