NoTube: bringing Web and TV closer together

The NoTube project was an EU funded project that ran from February 2009 to January 2012. 

As NoTube began, its vision of bringing Web and TV closer together via shared data models and content across multiple devices was ambitious and visionary. As we close, it is noteworthy how much of the TV industry has caught up with this vision, at least in individual and closed new technologies and products. Yet the NoTube results are now more relevant than ever: TV platforms are proprietary, cross-device communication non-standardized. NoTube services could form the backbone for personalised TV applications where the user still controls their data. See this slideset for an overview of NoTube’s activity and results:

Especially these results have been used to create a set of NoTube showcases, on personalised news from RAI, personalised program guide and advertising from Stoneroos and Thomson, and personalised social TV and second screen sharing from the BBC.

Also NoTube closes with a number of Web based demonstrators of some of the technologies created in the project, including the N-Screen content recommendation and sharing, Beancounter social Web user profiling, and the NoTube services accessible via the NoTube portal.

There’s plenty more in NoTube including TV metadata mappings, LUpedia concept extraction service, automated advertisement insertion in video and much more than you can explore by looking at the Research topics, and Things to read  – or just contact us to explore more how to benefit from NoTube’s results or collaborate with us on new projects!

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