MONA goes abroad…

Earlier this month we presented some of our ideas at different conferences. While Lora went to Boston to present a paper at the “Workhop on Detection, Representation, and Exploitation of Events in the Semantic Web” (see the slideshare here), Frank went to Copenhagen to discuss some of the ideas at a workshop at Copenhagen Business School which was followed by a seminar.

At the workshop a range of scholars was present, including Lance Bennett who discussed the work he is doing with the Center for Communication & Civic Engagement in Seattle, Zizi Papacharrissi who works in Chicago on social media and identity and a range of other researchers such as Itziar Castello, Mette Morsing, Tobias Goessling, Anne Vestergaard, Friederike Schultz, Julie Uldam and Dennis Schoeneborn.

After two days in Copenhagen and a trip by train into the countryside, part of the participants continued the conversation in Vejle at the first nSICE workshop ’Social Media and Civic Engagement: Contesting the Mainstream’.nSICE is the Network on Social Innovation and Civic Engagement and the workshop was embedded in the biannual conference of the Danish Association of Media Researchers (SMiD). A range of topics was debated, ranging from CSR, institutional change, Occupy and tactics.

In both workshops our event-based approach attracted several questions – we received a range of helpful comments and ideas for further research, once again assuring us that the ideas are intriguing but that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let’s go get some results!

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