Linkflows Kick-off meeting

On February 24th 2017 the Kick-off meeting for the Linkflows project took place. The meeting was hosted by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During this meeting, the partners involved in the project were introduced.

Linkflows is an innovation research project with two external contributors that introduces the timely topic of semantic publishing and scientific assessment, and links it to the existing research, collections and collaborations central in the Web & Media Group, e.g. linked data, crowdsourcing, quality assessment and multimedia collections.

The aim of the Linkflows  project is to make scientific contributions on the Web, e.g. articles, reviews, blog posts, multimedia objects, datasets, individual data entries, annotations, discussions, etc., better valorized and efficiently assessed in a way that allows for their automated interlinking, quality evaluation and inclusion in scientific workflows.

The researcher for this project is Cristina-Iulia Bucur. The daily supervisors are Tobias Kuhn and Davide Ceolin and co-promoter is Lora Aroyo.

The partners involved in the Linkflows project:





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