Humanities researchers depend in their research on the efficiency and effectiveness of the search functionality provided in various cultural heritage collections online (e.g. images, videos and textual material). The Rijksmuseum Prints collection, with over 600.000 prints, is one of those collections. The search results within the current search implementation is primarily centered around information of individual objects. Humanities scholars, on the other hand, search for more complex results based on deeper reflection over clusters of artifacts and concepts. This project aims to answer to the demands of these scholars. In order to do this we need a novel semantic search approach.

In this project we hope to generate this new search approach through the clustering of search results based on semantic patterns in linked cultural heritage data.  We will be able to rank the semantic patterns by their importance for each specific art-historical genre. We believe that, in this way, we will ultimately help in providing the necessary functionality for the formulation, refining and answering of humanities research questions.

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