PiLOD 2.0

PiLOD 2.0 is the second iteration of the Linked Open Data think tank, a joined effort to make government data open and linkable by addressing legislative en technical problems. These issues are addressed in the form of seven cases, each of them focussing on a different aspect of the problem space and solved by experts form public and private institutions. The cases look at many aspects of LOD, for instance provenance of laws and court rulings, valorization of publicly funded scientific efforts within the LOD community, awareness of ministers and legislators, etc.

The case Frontend, initiated by Waag Society, is particularly interesting as it has similar objectives to what we are doing for Invenit. Waag has recently published a beautiful interactive map with information about all buildings in the Netherlands colored by their age. The map data comes from the Kadaster and is made available via the pubic CitySDK. We urge you to take a look if you haven’t already.

The example objectifies our mission; making linked date useful. Of course we can think about what usefulness means and that it depends on many aspects of an application, such as the nature of de data, the audience en the goal of a project, but the example shows us that good application design where LOD is an integral part of the design and development process, can lead to stunning results.

We are very eager to see if there is enough common ground to team up with Waag and others in their case and see if we can use the Rijksmuseum collection to prove to the world the benefits and potential of LOD. The next PiLOD meeting will be held at the VU on January 29th (subject to change) and might be the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with the other parties and the project.

Trough this way we also like to thank the NWO for hosting the event and to the other case leaders and speakers for their inspiring talks and demonstrations.

The PiLOD project has a website that is publicly accessible for anyone interested and has a newsletter that is send out by Geonovum, one of the more visible participants.

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