Results first user studies: focus group and secondary school pupils

Master’s student Ardjan van Nuland has finished his master’s project in the context of the Agora project that was focused on the user perception of the Agora platform and interface. He conducted interviews with people with a Dutch-Indies background in order to get their take on sharing their memories of historical events on a digital platform. He also did a user study at a secondary school to see how the current Agora demo might help them in their search for historical knowledge.

His results are positive in the sense that the focus group definitely sees a place for digital platforms in sharing their memories and preserving their stories. We were also pleasantly surprised that they already seem to be building narratives around objects, something that is very much in line with the way we would like to offer context to objects. The secondary school pupils liked the demo in the sense that it is a much more active way to work on a topic than to listen to an instructor or read it from a book, but the interface is far from optimal.

Ardjan’s studies gives us some good insights into how we can improve the demo and connect with various user groups to ensure that the Agora platform will indeed become an ‘Agora’ where different communities come together to learn about and discuss objects and their historical contexts. His thesis describing his studies in detail can be found here.


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