Future Challenges for Knowledge Representation


For today’s Semantic Web meeting, people from the KRR and Web and Media groups were asked to think about current research challenges in Knowledge Representation, related to the Web (of Documents, of Data, of Agents…). Paul Groth asked us all to write down three research challenges that we feel would be prevalent in the field in ten years time. After clustering the sticky notes into nine groups (Quality, Dynamics, Physical World, Discoverability, Ease of Use, Fuzzyness, Equality, Ethics and Context), all present were asked to indicate who was working on problems in those clusters now. The results can be seen in the this picture (click to enlarge).

KR topics, clusters and people working on it

Interesting results from this not-too-scientific experiment are the ease of forming 1-word clusters as well as the apparent correlation between the amount of post-its and the number of people claiming to work on it. Seems like we are indeed thinking we are working on what we think will be tomorrow’s problems.

Sem web groups clustering topics

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