Masters Project: The usability of Dutch charity websites donation processes

Tjaard Kooiman on his masters project: The usability of Dutch charity websites donation processes

In order to help charities handle their currently declining income, I studied how easy to use the donation processes on their websites are. Because an easy to use website should let more users succeed at their task (whatever that task may be), this should result in ways for charities optimize their website for receiving private donations. The study was done by creating a checklist with more than 40 usability guidelines and running almost 400 random charity websites past this checklist.

It seems that very few charities facilitate online donations (slightly more than 10%), while about a third offers offline donations (by letting the user print and mail a form, for example), and almost half has no website or does not support donations in any manner. When looking at the achieved percentage of all attainable points (by complying with every guideline), all these groups score between 50% and 60% on average. The following improvements are most needed when looking at the results: for the 90% that does not already do so: support online donations; for the sites facilitate online donations: support more payment methods, show more information about the donation, and help users more with entering data.

A similar research was done for 19 large Dutch charities which all scored well. They can improve their usability most by requiring less data when donating and by supporting more payment methods.


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