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Automatic interpretation of spreadsheets

When humans read a spreadsheet table, they look at both the table design and the text within the table. They interpret the table layout, and use background knowledge, to understand the meaning and context of the data in a spreadsheet

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On March 14th, I presented a paper about the SIRUP project at IUI’17. IUI stays for Intelligent User Interface, and it is an international conference where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. It is a highly competitive

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Genuine Semantic Publishing

Here you can find the slides for my talk at ICT Open 2017:

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Understanding Knowledge Networks

[This post is by Krishna Mangaladevi on his Master project] I thought that this would be interesting to some of you who would like to read the work done on understanding the linked open data based “Knowledge Networks”. This study

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Healthcare professionals gain control of children’s diabetes self-management

[This post is based on the Information Sciences MSc. thesis by Jet Shin Hong] Designing a healthcare management tool for healthcare professionals’ assessment of T1DM knowledge, goals and development Children aged 8 to 12 with diabetes type I are motivated

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The Open PHACTS pilot – Second Hangout for the Health Societal Challenge (BigDataEurope)

[this post by Ronald Siebes is a cross-post from ] With the BigDataEurope project finalizing its first round of pilots, a second online hang-out event “The Open PHACTS pilot” was organized by the Open PHACTS Foundation and the VU

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MediaNow: Optimizing the creative retrieval process for the media industries

MediaNow is a project funded within NWO’s Creative Industries program. MediaNow aims to develop and test open source search solutions for exploring large multimedia archives. MediaNow’s target users are media-professionals. The proposed innovations at the interface of computer science and

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