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Trip Report: Language, Data and Knowledge 2017

Last week, I was the first Language, Data and Knowledge Conference (LDK 2017) hosted in Galway, Ireland. If you show up at a natural language processing conference (especially someplace like LREC) you’ll find a group of people who think about

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Trip Report: Challenges in Extracting and Managing References

Workshop "Challenges in Extracting and Managing References" today. excellent speakers @gesis_org #excitews2017 — Philipp Mayr (@Philipp_Mayr) March 30, 2017 At the end of last week, I was at a small workshop held by the EXCITE project around the

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Trip Report: Observatory for Knowledge Organisation Systems

Last week, I was at in Malta for a small workshop on building or thinking about the need for observatories for knowledge organization systems (KOSs). Knowledge organization systems are things like taxonomies, classification schemes, ontologies  or concept maps.  The event was hosted by

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Trip Report: ISWC 2016

Last week, I was in Japan for the 15th International Semantic Web Conference.  And so it begins #iswc2016 — Elena Simperl (@esimperl) October 18, 2016 For me, this was a big event as I was research track program co-chair

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Trip Report: Provenance Week 2016

Last week, I was at Provenance Week 2016. This event happens once every two years and brings together a wide range of researchers working on provenance. You can check out my trip report from the last Provenance Week in 2014.  This

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ISWC 2016 – submissions 1 month away

It’s kind of appropriate that my last post of 2015 was about the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) and my first post of 2016 will be about ISWC. This years conference will be held in Kobe Japan. This year’s conference already

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Trip Report: ISWC 2015

Last week, I hung out in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for the the 14th International Semantic Web Conference. Bethlehem is famous for the Lehigh University Benchmark  (LUBM) and Bethlehem Steel. This is the major conference focused on the intersection of semantics and web technologies. In

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Trip Report: 5 years of altmetrics #2amconf #altmetrics15

Last week (Oct 7 – 9) the altmetrics community made its way to Amsterdam for 2:AM (the second altmetrics conference) and altmetrics15 (the 4th altmetrics workshop). The conference is aimed more at practitioners while the workshop has a bit more research focus. I

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Preview: ISWC 2015 Data & Ontologies Track

Next week is the 2015 International Semantic Web Conference. I had the opportunity with the Michel Dumontier to chair a new track on Datasets and Ontologies. A key part of of the Semantic Web has always been shared resources, whether it’s

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10 observations from SoCAL

I was in southern California for essentially a big chunk of August. I had a day visit to the Information Sciences Institute (slides here),  a some nice discussions with friends and also a chance to hang out at the ocean.

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