Digital Humanities in Practice 2020-2021

This year’s edition of the VU Digital Humanities in Practice course was of course a virtual one. In this course, students of the Minor Digital Humanities and Social Analytics put everything that they have learned in that minor in practice, tackling a real-world DH or Social Analytics challenge. As in previous years, this year we had wonderful projects provided and supervised by colleagues from various institutes. We had projects related to the Odissei and Clariah research infrastructures, projects supervised by KNAW-HUC, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, projects from Utrecht University, UvA, Leiden University and our own Vrije Universiteit. We had a project related to Kieskompas and even a project supervised by researchers from Bologna University. A wide variety of challenges, datasets and domains! We would like to thank all the supervisors and the students on making this course a success.

The compilation video below shows all the projects’ results. It combines 2-minute videos produced by each of the 10 student groups.

After a very nice virtual poster session, everybody got to vote on the Best Poster Award. The winners are group 3, whose video you can also see in the video above. Below we list all the projects and the external supervisors.

1 Extracting named entities from Social Science data. ODISSEI project / VU CS – Ronald Siebes
2 Gender bias data story in the Media Suite CLARIAH project / UU / NISV –  Mari Wigham Willemien Sanders
3 Food & Sustainability KNAW-HUC –  Marieke van Erp
4 Visualizing Political Opinion (kieskompas) Kieskompas – Andre Krouwel
5 Kickstarting the HTR revolution UU – Auke Rijpma
6 Reconstructing the international crew and ships of the Dutch West India Company Stadsarchief Amsterdam – Pauline van den Heuvel
7 Enriching audiovisual encyclopedias NISV – Jesse de Vos
8 Using Social Media to Uncover How Patients Cope LIACS Leiden – Anne Dirkson
9 Covid-19 Communities UvA – Julia Noordegraaf, Tobias Blanke, Leon van Wissen
10 Visualizing named graphs Uni Bologna – Marilena Daquino

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