A Brief Trip Report from WebSci 2018

The early part of last week I attended the Web Science 2018 conference. It was hosted here in Amsterdam which was nice for me. It was nice to be at a conference where I could go home in the evening.

Web Science is an interesting research area in that it treats the Web itself as an object of study. It’s a highly interdisciplinary area that combines primarily social science with computer science. I always envision it as a loop with studies of what’s actually going on the Web leading to new interventions on the Web which we then need to study.

There were what I guess a hundred or so people there … it’s a small but fun community. I won’t give a complete rundown of the conference. You can find summaries of each day done by Cat Morgan (Workshop DayDay 1Day 2Day 3) but instead give an assortment of things that stuck out for me:

And some tweets:

The crowd waiting for @timberners_lee Turing Lecture is insane! #WebSci18 pic.twitter.com/2jpdVQZ3sV

— Roy Lee (@SRoyLee) May 29, 2018

Just like Global Warming, Facebook is anthropogenic – humans created it and it’s a lot easier to change (than global warming). You have an obligation to replace and fix it — and it’s an interdisciplinary endeavour to guide us on how #WebSci18 #turingaward @timberners_lee pic.twitter.com/0zm2EdC38d

— electronic max (@emax) May 29, 2018

It's amazing to consider that something so profoundly simple (the humble URL), can be so powerful, and of course, scalable. At the same time, smart people still struggle to grock this concept. #WebSci18 #webscience @W3C #linkeddata https://t.co/a2XrydT3Sm

— Bernadette Hyland (@BernHyland) May 29, 2018

Find more details in the paper https://t.co/fV5LYxFd1N https://t.co/mckKs7doGp

— metrics-project (@metrics_project) May 28, 2018

Lots of case studies here at #websci18 – always highly interesting but I’m wondering about generalizability – maybe need websci meta reviews? https://t.co/4cY4pIdfcS

— Paul Groth (@pgroth) May 30, 2018

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