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Event Extraction From Radio News Bulletins For Linked Data

[This post is based on the BSc. Thesis of Kim van Putten (Computer Science, VU Amsterdam)] As part of the Bachelor’s degree Computer Science at the VU Amsterdam, Kim van Putten conducted her bachelor thesis in the context of the

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The DIVE+ team is present on the 21st and 22nd of March at the ICTOpen 2017 conference to present and showcase the latest developments of the tool. As part of the latest developments, DIVE+ is also integrated in the CLARIAH

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Narrativizing disruption with DIVE+

On the 10th of March “Narrativizing disruption”, a DIVE+ centered CLARIAH-funded research pilot, was presented at the CLARIAH toog day. The pilot (2017-2018) focuses on the question how exploratory search can support media researchers interpret disruptive media events as lucid narratives. Disruptive

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DIVE+ at Cross Media Café: Uit het Lab

On 7th of March the DIVE+ project was presented at Cross Media Café: Uit het Lab. DIVE+ is result of a true inter-disciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, humanities scholars, cultural heritage professionals and interaction designers. In this project, we use

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Rapid Ontology Creation

Traditionally, ontologies are built, per domain, by ontology experts, after conducting lengthy interviews with people who are experts in that particular domain. For example, for a search function for a food website, chefs, caterers and students would be among those

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Time will tell a different story presents at DHB 2015 and Network Institute annual event

The BiographyNet related Academy Assistants project “Time will tell a different story” held several presentations the past month. Historic research has gone through significant changes over time, in an effort to produce the most objective presentations of the past. Facts

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