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[Reading club] Dance in the World of Data and Objects

This is a first post in a new series on Semantic Web reading club. During this weekly reading club we discuss a research paper related to Semantic Web, Human Computation or Computer Science in general. Every week, one group member

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Automatic interpretation of spreadsheets

When humans read a spreadsheet table, they look at both the table design and the text within the table. They interpret the table layout, and use background knowledge, to understand the meaning and context of the data in a spreadsheet

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DIVE+ Submitted to LODLAM

Here’s the submission to the annual LODLAM challenge from the DIVE+ team. In this video, we introduce the ideas behind DIVE+ and take you for a exploratory swim in the linked media knowledge graph! Share This: Source: Victor de Boer

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Trip Report: Challenges in Extracting and Managing References

Workshop "Challenges in Extracting and Managing References" today. excellent speakers @gesis_org #excitews2017 — Philipp Mayr (@Philipp_Mayr) March 30, 2017 At the end of last week, I was at a small workshop held by the EXCITE project around the

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