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INVENiT² team inspired by workshops

During the last two months, members of the INVENiT team participated in workshops that were inspiring for the work of the project. The workshops attended dealt with knowledge organization systems in general and with one in particular, an Early Modern

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Ideals and Norms in Scholarship – initial thoughts

This past week I was asked to attend an offsite meeting of a local research group where they were discussing ethics.  They asked me to present a topic around ethics within science and scholarship. This gave me an opportunity to try

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LODLAM challenge video entry for Dutch Ships and Sailors

For the LODLAM challenge, I submitted this entry on Dutch Ships and Sailors, which now includes a more user-friendly interface. You can watch me explain the project and the demonstrate the new interface in this five-minute video. You can also

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Workshop on Tool Criticism in the Digital Humanities

Together with the eHumanities group of KNAW and the Amsterdam Data Science Center, we organize a workshop on Tool Criticism in the Digital Humanities. The workshop will take place in Amsterdam on May 22, 2015. For more information please have

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On April 1 the INVENiT² team hosted a meeting for the Foundation Friends of the VU University Library. The topic of this meeting was how CrowdSourcing could help scholarly research concerning the history of emotions and picture bibles. Below this

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Curator of the Future

One of the perks of being a research placement at the British museum is the possibility to go to events you normally wouldn’t have the chance to participate in. Today I went to the Curator of the Future conference. Afterwards

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BiographyNet video presentation

We have created a video presentation that provides an overview of the BiographyNet project so far. The video is available on YouTube, and can be found here. Source: BiographyNetBiographyNet

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