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BiographyNet is looking for two Network Institute Academy Assistants (Computational Linguistics/Computer Science & History)

The BiographyNet team is looking for two academy assistants for the project Time will tell a different story. Mining perspectives in historical texts with the help of NLP. We are looking for a master student computational linguistics or computer science

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ViSTA-TV on the front page: helping SMEs fish the Big Data ocean

ViSTA-TV and RapidMiner made it to the CORDIS front page!   Source: ViSTA-TV

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Final Review: ViSTA-TV successfully accomplished

ViSTA-TV was evaluated as a success according to our project officer and our reviewers. Is this the end? No! We will continue working on TV-statistics, recommendations, and turn ViSTA-TV into a business. Stay tuned. Source: ViSTA-TV

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