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Blogs on Interdisciplinary Collaboration and labeling the Digital Humanities

Recently BiographyNet historian Serge ter Braake wrote two digital humanities blogs: A blog on interdisciplanry collaboration, based on BiographyNet experiences. A blog on the use of the terms ‘Digital Humanities’ and ‘E-Humanities’.       Source: BiographyNetBiographyNet

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Laura Hollink at ASCoR colloquium on 18/02

On Tuesday February 18, Laura Hollink (VU) will talk at the ASCoR (Amsterdam School of Communication Research) Spring Colloquium ‘Big Data at the University of Amsterdam’, where she will present her work in Talk of Europe. Later in the same

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W4RA promo video

This awesome promo video was made by Leeuw van Moerkerken and features yours truly. If only it were so easy.. Source: VIDEBO

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VU Humanities Graduate Seminar January 30th, 2014

Today we attended and presented at the faculty of humanities at the VU during the afternoon program of the graduate seminar. The theme of the afternoon, Revolutions in the Humanities, consisted of several project presentations and ended with a panel

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Laura Hollink at CCCT seminar on 21/02

Below is the latest newsletter from the CCCT (Center for Creation, Content and Technology), announcing a presentation by Laura Hollink on PoliMedia and Talk of Europe / Travelling CLARIN Campus, where she will explain more about the data curation aspect of

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