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Cassandra-Esper version 0.3 released to Maven Central.

A new version of Cassandra-Esper was released to Maven Central. Version 0.3 now supports insert, update and delete operations as well as proper initialization. Cassandra-Esper provides an implementation of Esper virtual data windows as a distributed key-value store for background

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Becoming a better scientist (reproducibility edition)

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that one of the main themes of my research is data provenance – one of the main use cases for it is reproducibility and transparency in science.  I’ve been attending and speaking at quite a

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CSWS2013 summer school and keynote in Shanghai

Last week, Knud Moeller from datalysator and I were invited to give a set of lectures about Linked Data in the CSWS 2013 summer school in Shanghai, China. As far as we are concerned the summer school was a success.

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Two Papers accepted for SSWS 2013

We are pleased to announce that two papers related to ViSTA-TV research were accepted for publication at the 9th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS2013). This workshop will be co-located with the 12th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2013)

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BiographyNet paper runner up for Best Paper Award at ACL 2013

The paper “Offspring from reproduction problems: what replication failure teaches us” by Antske Fokkens, Marieke van Erp, Marten Postma, Ted Pedersen, Piek Vossen and Nuno Freire was runner up for the best paper award at ACL 2013! Source: BiographyNetBiographyNet

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Swiss TV statistics will not include IPTV viewers.

As the Swiss newspaper “Die Nordwestschweiz” reports, MediaPulse will start publishing the TV statistics again starting from August 2, 2013. Yet, this statistics will currently not include people watching TV over the internet. Source: ViSTA-TV

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Getting started with the Open PHACTS API

In April, we launched the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform with a corresponding API allowing developers to create drug discovery applications without having to worry about the complexities and pain of integrating multiple databases. We’ve had some great applications being developed

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Moodbuster – light

As follow-up to the feasibility studies in Sweden and the Netherlands, a study with the Moodbuster system in combination with coaching via the internet will start in August 2013. For this study, the sensors will not be used. More information

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Fast Graph Kernels for RDF

As a complement to two papers that we will present at the ECML/PKDD 2013 conference in Prague in September we created a webpage with additional material. The first paper: “A Fast Approximation of the Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernel for RDF Data”

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Preview: ISWC Semantic Web In-Use track

This past week we (Achille Fokoue & myself) sent the paper notifications for the 2013 International Semantic Web Conference’s In-Use Track. The track seeks to highlight innovative semantic technologies being applied and deployed in practice. With the selection made by the program

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