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21 September 2013: Els Kloek on shortlist Libris History Price

The previously mentioned book from Els Kloek has now also made it to the shortlist for the Libris History Price 2013. All five nominees can be found here. Source: BiographyNetBiographyNet

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IBC is over and it was a great success for ViSTA-TV. Also at the last day we had many interesting conversations with people from industry and research. We established many contacts and we look forward to future collaborations in the

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Day 4: ViSTA-TV @IBC2013 Another successful day

The new week started with lots of interesting contacts. Interestingly, today many start-up and quite a few research institutions came to visit our stand and learn how ViSTA-TV fits their needs. Today and tomorrow, we have a representative from Rapid-I

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Day 3: ViSTA-TV @IBC2013 Stream of visitors continues

Despite it was Sunday, the ViSTA-TV stand was still well-visited. People from various industries showed great interest in the both in the research project as well as in the commercialization. The ViSTA-TV stand team changed and the fresh people look

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Thursday 14 November 2013, 3rd SEALINCMedia Symposium

On Thursday, 14 November 2013 the 3rd Symposium of the project SEALINCMedia: “Socially-Enriched Access to Linked Cultural Media” will be held at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. More information can be found here: Source: SEALINCMedia

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Day 2: ViSTA-TV @IBC2013

The flow of visitors to the ViSTA-TV stand continues also today with visitors from SONY, PICO Digital, TIE Kinetix, Rightster, iexpertus, FMX, etc People were interested in the Zattoo online recommendations using the same viewing data to personalize viewing preferences.

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Day 1: ViSTA-TV @IBC2013

The IBC2013 exhibition officially started today and ViSTA-TV booth (Future Zone, 8.G39) attracted quite a lot of interest. The curious visitors came by to learn about the tools we have developed.        We had visits from companies like ESPN,

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ViSTA-TV arrives at IBC

Today we set up our stand here at IBC. Our presence here is themed under the motto: The following teaser video summarizes our presence: Our stand is in the making and we are attaching some of the set up photos

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Recommendation Workshop at University of Zürich

Providing personalized recommendations of programs to the users is an important goal of the ViSTA-TV project. Since ViSTA-TV deals with content provided over the internet it has access to valuable user viewing behavior. This provides a world of information from

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Helping scholars tell their stories using altmetrics

Paul Groth co-authored an article about altmetrics in the Elsevier Library Connect newsletter for librarians. The newsletter reaches 18,000 librarians in 138 countries around the world. Academic research and publishing have transitioned from paper to online platforms, and that migration has

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