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Genuine Semantic Publishing

Here you can find the slides for my talk at ICT Open 2017:

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Understanding Knowledge Networks

[This post is by Krishna Mangaladevi on his Master project] I thought that this would be interesting to some of you who would like to read the work done on understanding the linked open data based “Knowledge Networks”. This study

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Healthcare professionals gain control of children’s diabetes self-management

[This post is based on the Information Sciences MSc. thesis by Jet Shin Hong] Designing a healthcare management tool for healthcare professionals’ assessment of T1DM knowledge, goals and development Children aged 8 to 12 with diabetes type I are motivated

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Using the Bitcoin Blockchain for Reproducible, Trustworthy and Open Science

[This post is by Ilias el Mzouri about his Master project] The project ‘Using the Bitcoin Blockchain for Reproducible, Trustworthy and Open Science’ was prepared to examine whether publication bias can be reduced through the pre-announcement of studies and the

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Guest Lecture by Elastic

The Bachelor course on Information Retrieval here at VU is about the theory and principles behind search engines: How can we search huge collections of unstructured text data in an efficient and accurate manner? But apart from these theoretical considerations,

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ISWC 2015 trip report

I would like to share here a few thoughts and experiences from this year’s International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2015), which took place last week in Bethlehem PA (USA). Many papers are still on my reading list, but here is

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