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Master project: Requirements and design for a Business Intelligence system for SMEs
[This post was written by Arnold Kraakman and describes his MSc Thesis research] . This master project is written as an advisory report for construction company and contractor K. Dekker B.V. and deals with Business Intelligence. [Read More...]
Msc. Project: Linking Maritime Datasets to Dutch Ships and Sailors Cloud – Case studies on Archangelvaart and Elbing
[This post was written by Jeroen Entjes and describes his Msc Thesis research] The Dutch maritime supremacy during the Dutch Golden Age has had a profound influence on the modern Netherlands and possibly other places around [Read More...]
Proceedings of BD2015 now available
We’re happy to announce that the Proceedings of the first conference on Biographical Data in a Digital World are now available: Proceedings BD2015 Source: BiographyNetBiographyNet [Read More...]
Trip Report: Theory and Practice of Provenance 2015
Last week, I was a the Theory and Practice of Provenance 2015 (TaPP’15) held in Edinburgh. This is the seventh edition of the workshop. You can check out my trip report from last year’s event which was held [Read More...]
INVENiT² team presents at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
On Friday the 26th of June, the INVENiT² team held a presentation at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum possesses a world renowned collection of art. Many scholars use the collection for their research. Cristina and [Read More...]
SIKS Course – Advances in Information Retrieval
On the 18th and 19th of June Cristina attended a course titled “Advances in Information Retrieval” organized by the Netherlands Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) in Vught, The Netherlands. During the first day [Read More...]
Master Project Roy Hoeymans: Effective Recommendation in Knowlegde Portals – the SKYbrary case study
[This post was written by Roy Hoeymans. It describes his MSc. project ] In this master project, which I have done externally at DNV-GL, I have built a recommender system for knowledge portals. Recommender systems are pieces of [Read More...]
Time will tell a different story presents at DHB 2015 and Network Institute annual event
The BiographyNet related Academy Assistants project “Time will tell a different story” held several presentations the past month. Historic research has gone through significant changes over time, in an effort to produce the most objective presentations [Read More...]
Call for Participation CC#3 online
The call for participation for our third and final creative camp is now online. The third camp will be held 26-30 October 2015 at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek/National Library of the Netherlands, The Hague, the Netherlands. We will offer bursaries to [Read More...]
Talk of Europe at DHBenelux2015
During the DHBenelux 2015 Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, Laura Hollink presented the Talk of Europe project during a session on Linked Open Data. All slides are available on Slideshare and below. A short version of [Read More...]

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