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CLARIAH Linked Data Workshop
[This blog post is co-written with Marieke van Erp and Rinke Hoekstra and is cross-posted from the Clariah website] Background Linked Data, RDF and Semantic Web are popular buzzwords in tech-land and within CLARIAH. But they may [Read More...]
Understanding Knowledge Networks
[This post is by Krishna Mangaladevi on his Master project] I thought that this would be interesting to some of you who would like to read the work done on understanding the linked open data based [Read More...]
Downscale2016 proceedings published
  I chose to publish the proceedings of Downscale2016 using Figshare. This gives a nice persistent place for the proceedings and includes a DOI. To cite the proceedings, use the text below. The proceedings is published using the CC-BY license. Victor [Read More...]
Installing and Running the First Big-Data-Europe Health Pilot
[This blog post is reblogged from and written by Ronald Siebes and Victor de Boer] As previously announced, the pilot implementation for the Big-Data-Europe platform for Societal Challenge 1 (the Health domain) facilitates the Open [Read More...]
Crowdsourcing brainstem tumors at Lowlands 2016
Brainstem tumors are a rare form of childhood cancer for which there is currently no cure. The Semmy Foundation aims to increase the survival of children with this type of cancer by supporting scientific research. [Read More...]
Crowd- and nichesourcing for film and media scholars
[This post describes Aschwin Stacia‘s MSc. project and is based on his thesis] There are many online and private film collections that lack structured annotations to facilitate retrieval. In his Master project work, Aschwin Stacia explored the effectiveness of a [Read More...]
A look back at Downscale2016
On 29 August, the 4th International Workshop on Downscaling the Semantic Web (Downscale2016) was held as a full-day workshop in Amsterdam co-located with the ICT4S conference. The workshop attracted 12 participants and we received 4 invited [Read More...]
Healthcare professionals gain control of children’s diabetes self-management
[This post is based on the Information Sciences MSc. thesis by Jet Shin Hong] Designing a healthcare management tool for healthcare professionals’ assessment of T1DM knowledge, goals and development Children aged 8 to 12 with diabetes type [Read More...]
Using the Bitcoin Blockchain for Reproducible, Trustworthy and Open Science
[This post is by Ilias el Mzouri about his Master project] The project 'Using the Bitcoin Blockchain for Reproducible, Trustworthy and Open Science' was prepared to examine whether publication bias can be reduced through the [Read More...]
Big Data in Society Summerschool
From 2 to 16th of July we organized the Big Data in Society Summerschool at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As part of our Collaborative Innovation Center with IBM, we presented an introduction of the technical [Read More...]