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[Reading club] Dance in the World of Data and Objects
This is a first post in a new series on Semantic Web reading club. During this weekly reading club we discuss a research paper related to Semantic Web, Human Computation or Computer Science in general. [Read More...]
Automatic interpretation of spreadsheets
When humans read a spreadsheet table, they look at both the table design and the text within the table. They interpret the table layout, and use background knowledge, to understand the meaning and context of [Read More...]
DIVE+ Submitted to LODLAM
Here’s the submission to the annual LODLAM challenge from the DIVE+ team. In this video, we introduce the ideas behind DIVE+ and take you for a exploratory swim in the linked media knowledge graph! Share This: Source: Victor de [Read More...]
Trip Report: Challenges in Extracting and Managing References
Workshop "Challenges in Extracting and Managing References" today. excellent speakers @gesis_org #excitews2017 — Philipp Mayr (@Philipp_Mayr) March 30, 2017 At the end of last week, I was at a small workshop held by the EXCITE [Read More...]
Web and Media at ICT.OPEN2017
On 21 and 22 March, researchers from VU's Web and Media group attended ICT.OPEN, the principal ICT research conference in the Netherlands. Here over 500 scientists from all ICT research disciplines & interested researchers from [Read More...]
IBM Ph.D. Fellowship 2017-2018
Oana Inel received for the second time the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship. Her research topic focuses on data enrichment with events and event-related entities, by combining the computer power with the crowd potential to identify [Read More...]
Hands on BDE Health at ICT.OPEN 2017
Last week, BigDataEurope was present at the principal ICT research conference in the Netherlands, ICT.OPEN, where over 500 scientists from all ICT research disciplines & interested researchers from industry come together to learn from each other, share [Read More...]
On March 14th, I presented a paper about the SIRUP project at IUI'17. IUI stays for Intelligent User Interface, and it is an international conference where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. [Read More...]
Genuine Semantic Publishing
Here you can find the slides for my talk at ICT Open 2017: [Read More...]
The DIVE+ team is present on the 21st and 22nd of March at the ICTOpen 2017 conference to present and showcase the latest developments of the tool. As part of the latest developments, DIVE+ is [Read More...]